Paving Leeds

Paving Leeds

Carlton Paving specialists in block paving, natural stone paving (flags, sets & cobbles), concrete flag and slab paving and can lay patios, paths and driveways to your exact specification using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Paving Leeds for decades with experience over many building and paving projects. Carlton Paving have the skills and the know how to help you with any sort of paving project no matter how big or small or complicated.

Driveways Leeds Restoration

Driveways deteriorate over time, due mainly to nature and the elements, the overall appearance of your driveway will gradually get worse.
On driveways, weeds may surface, unsightly, slippery and therefore potentially dangerous moss and algae may accumulate. The colour of your driveway may even change resulting from UV light transmission.
However, Carlton Paving has a solution that doesn’t mean spending thousands on a new driveway.
With a bit of TLC Carlton Paving can transform a neglected driveway and return it to pristine condition for a fraction of the cost of laying a new one.

Using our specialist product, Reno-Drive Sealer, existing block paved, flagged or concrete driveways can be expertly refurbished.
Reno-Drive Sealer is an incredibly technologically advanced, specialist product comprising a thermo plastic acrylic copolymer resin blend, purpose designed to achieve excellent weather resistance and durability. 

Once applied to driveways:

  • Prevents surface staining
  • Restricts the growth of weeds in the joints by reducing water penetrationpaving Leeds
  • Prevents settlement
  • Eliminates the need for constant weeding
  • Reduces algae growth from the sap of trees and shrubs
  • Reduces the possibility of insect infestation
  • Improves colour stability by cutting down on the transmission of UV Light
  • Protects by bonding the sand into the joints
  • Is easily cleaned
  • Soap and detergent resistant

In short, it’s the easy, effective, affordable way to give your driveway a new lease of life.


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